Prove to active women they can live even healthier, fuller lives, and look beautiful while doing it. 

There were two main hurdles we needed to overcome if we wanted to build a successful digital experience. The first was to address the  ususal skepticism & safety concerns that come when looking for a dietary supplement. The second was what we were calling “The Two Month Hurdle”. Lumity is sold in a 4 week supply, and since the supplement is all-natural, it works naturally with your body’s biochemistry. That being said, the benefits take time to feel and see. We needed to give the user enough confidence in the natural timeline of the products for them to feel confident in purchasing the second month supply.


Tell a story that’s steeped in science but speaks to our audience in a clear and confident way. 

The finished designed and developed site resulted in an honorable mention.  Over 5,000 visitors alone were introduced to the product and site in the first week based on this design achievement.

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