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Not all customers have the same wants or needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation make it possible for you to reach your customers at any step in the buying process, providing them with an experience tailor-fit to their needs. 

Marketing automation thrives on extremely detailed data that helps you know and understand your customers on a deeper level. By utilizing this data, we can target your messages to customers at the right times and where they’ll be the most effective, helping you to improve your conversion rates and reach your sales goals.

Platform Management

Marketo / Pardot / Marketing Cloud

Knowing how customers engage with your content enables you to respond accordingly. TRAFFIC’s team of automation specialists has a proven track record of success in using top automation platforms such as Marketo, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud to merge the sales and marketing processes so we can improve your ROI and raise conversion rates.

CRM Development

Salesforce / Netsuite / Custom

Never worry about customer information being out of date again. By enabling your marketing automation and CRM systems to sync data in real time, we’ll ensure your customer data is always accurate and ready anytime you need it so you and your sales team can act quickly.

Behavioral Strategy

Cadences / Funneling / Conversion

Want to reach your customers at any point in the decision-making process? We can make it happen. By analyzing the business workflows from your digital marketing channels, we define business logic and segmentation automation rules to identify and categorize customers as they engage with your cross-channel content.

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