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Our Local SEO process brings national retail and service business to a hyperlocal level. We understand where you do business and use our proven optimization methods to make sure your customers can find you.

Search is becoming more personalized, and your customers are looking for information near them. We understand local search. From regional chains to national retailers, our Local SEO process is scalable to provide insight-driven results.

Offsite Local Signals

Citation Claiming / Optimization

Search engines commonly look to offsite citations on services such as Google My Business to provide users with information about businesses. Claiming and optimizing these offsite citations is a core aspect of our Local SEO process, ensuring search engines never have to look very far to find the information your customers need.

Data Consistency

Citation Correction / Duplicate Removal

Inaccurate information is bad for business. Don’t let customers and search engines get confused by duplicate or incorrect citations. Leave it to TRAFFIC’s Local SEO team to make sure the information about your business and each of its locations is accurate and consistent across all of your offsite citations.

Hyperlocal Insights

Location-Based Data

Know your location, know your customers. Whether your business has two locations or twenty, a strong understanding of each location’s area is essential. Our Local SEO team thrives on hyperlocal location-based data that allows us to tailor strategies to most effectively reach the people who matter most to your business.

Bulk Upload

Systemwide Claiming / Editing

Claiming and optimization for large national brands with bulk upload capabilities.  Architected optimization processes that scale to thousands of physical locations.

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