Minor league sports have been exploding in popularity lately, from hockey farm teams to arena football to even independent professional wrestling (if you’re the kind to consider that a sport, that is). Among these are the idea of independent professional baseball leagues – baseball leagues with teams, mascots, players, and stadiums just like a ‘real’ baseball league except completely free of ties to the MLB.

This means more flexibility with rules, more flexibility with team sizes, and a completely unique atmosphere that the major leagues just can’t bring to their games. One of these just sprung up here in our neck of the woods, as United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) recently decided to call Metro Detroit their home and now serves as the Detroit area’s very first independent baseball league.

Of course, being the first anything these days means you need to have a strong Internet presence to get your message out. And who did USPBL give the vital task of launching their website and providing SEO work to help attract just the right die-hard baseball audience?

Why, TRAFFIC, of course!

The USPBL chose TRAFFIC as their website designer and developer, giving us the all-important job of creating an eye-catching homepage to help spread the word and inform local sports fans of the exciting new independent baseball action happening right in their backyard.

We were, of course, more than happy to help. The USPBL, headed and owned by a group of baseball experts with years of ownership and management experience in baseball and other sports like soccer, promises exciting developmental action featuring promising college talent all through the warmest months Michigan has to offer, and TRAFFIC was excited to get the opportunity to work on an exciting new development in the community we call home.

You don’t have to just take our word for it, though: Opening Day is May 30th at the brand new Jimmy John’s Stadium in Utica, MI, so why not take a look at the USPBL website, pick your team, and check out some independent local baseball action for yourself?

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