When Greektown Casino needed a website redesign, we knew we could enhance the usability of the site by employing our technical know-how and design sensibilities. Greektown has been a longstanding name in the Detroit community and their casino has been a major attraction to the city since its inception. Traffic doubled down and developed a two-pronged approach to amplify Greektown Casino’s digital presence.

At Traffic we are very sensitive to meeting the needs of searchers and users, so designing a site to fulfill those needs is something that we take very seriously. Our Development team created an accessible, navigable site that connects all of Greektown Casino’s main attractions. All of  the casino’s restaurants, gambling floors, and special events planning are easily found on the site and with important information available at your fingertips you can start planning your trip or event online instantly.

How do you make something great even better? Well, adding a hotel room selector and city attraction finder is a great start. The hotel room selector allows patrons to pick the perfect view before stepping foot into the building. If all of the things to do in the casino are not enough, the city attraction finder feature makes it easy for an out-of-towner to find all the secret local eateries and hangouts quickly so tourists can enjoy the whole city before they have to board their planes and return home.

Traffic’s meticulous approach to SEO helped to make Greektown Casino easy to find on the web.  Understanding the ins and outs of local SEO, Traffic developed a hyper-local SEO strategy that capitalizes on best practices and a few tricks of the trade.

For outsiders, Detroit is a difficult town to get to know and love, but Traffic’s redesign of the Greektown Casino’s website makes all of the outsiders feel like insiders. It’s an example how the partnership between Traffic and Greektown Casino saw the big picture of what a city attraction ought to offer and delivered in spades.


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