TRAFFIC has collaborated with long-time partner Steelcase to redevelop the premier destination for the global architecture and design community.

Steelcase is the world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture and operates in 6 continents, and over 30 countries.  TRAFFIC’s partnership with Steelcase dates back to 2014 when TRAFFIC helped architect their global organic search strategy.  As the relationship grew, TRAFFIC’s acumen and capabilities in enterprise development became a perfect compliment to Steelcase’s global marketing team.

Steelcase was left in a precarious position by a previous vendor related to key functionality in their Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 build on the Finish Library.  The site was plagued with long load times, a lack of advanced product line search functionality, and a series of bugs and unfinished features.

TRAFFIC’s development team uncovered many larger issues with how the codebase of the site was developed and some key shortcuts taken by the previous vendor which compromised site performance, category filtering speeds, and asset loading.  

“The instance’s inherent over-reliance on a key integration compromised front-end performance, user experience and functionality as a whole.”

Through a new implementation of a custom attribute, TRAFFIC built a sophisticated yet simple automation to synchronize product line availability with updated inventory managed daily by Steelcase’s unique ERP.  This ensures that architects and designers are able to search for their favorite products and accurately order samples for their design projects based on system-wide availability.

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