Let’s face it – digital marketing is an increasingly crowded space. New agencies seemingly crop up every day, all vying for business, mindshare, and attention.

So what can a digital marketing agency do to stand out? Here at TRAFFIC we like to let our proven processes, innovative approach & strategies, and our hardworking (but fun!) crew do all the talking.

But a little extra outside attention and recognition never hurts, and we’re certainly not the kind to complain when we get a little boost from a major influencer in the digital marketing space. With that in mind that we’re proud to announce that TRAFFIC has been ranked sixth in the nation by Great Agencies!

Great Agencies is a leading B2B research, ranking, and awards organization who looks for the cream of the crop when it comes to digital and internet agencies of all stripes. From search engine optimization to web design to mobile programming and everything in between, Great Agencies rounds up all the agencies and vendors it can find, weeds out the “sub-par” service providers, and then scrutinizes the top 1%.

Candidates are reviewed in categories like diversity of service, overall reputation, and even popularity (which was especially flattering) to determine their score and ranking. Once the dust had settled and the numbers were crunched, this put us ahead of bigger agencies in ‘bigger’ cities ranging from Brooklyn to Chicago, and we landed in the top 10 at our current spot!

It’s one thing to take pride in your work – it’s another thing to get recognized by one of the biggest thought leaders in the industry for your efforts. What could come next after this, you ask? Upward and onward to bigger, better things – and higher rankings, of course!

(And maybe that proverbial trip to Disney World!)

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